Lexi actually wanted to be ignored, yet she’d dyed her hair bright red, which was giving out a completely contradictory message. Whenever anyone seemed to notice her – and she was very conspicuous – she felt intruded upon.

The commuter scrum was unpleasant and unfamiliar to Lexi. One chap, in particular, seemed to be taking a special interest in her. She moved down the carriage, much to the annoyance of those around her. Her day was not going well.

At Euston, Lexi caught a mainline train and noticed that the man from the tube was sitting nearby. Was this a bizarre coincidence?

When he got off the train at her stop, alarm bells rang. Lexi was pretty feisty, not a scared mouse of a person.

‘Are you following me?’ Lexi asked. ‘And if so, why?’

He looked flustered. He hadn’t anticipated this. He spluttered, ‘Well …yes… I am.’

Lexi was quite taken aback by this response, as she’d expected him to deny it.

‘So, are you a stalker?’ she ventured.

‘I live opposite you, and ever since you moved in, I’ve been kind of watching you.’

‘Why be so weird, you’ve really unnerved me’.

‘I dunno, I’m shy I suppose. I didn’t mean to follow you today, but I just got curious.’

‘What’s your name? I’m Lexi by the way.’

‘I know. I’m Jamie. I’ve honestly never done this kind of thing before.’

‘Should I be flattered?’

‘Can I take you for a coffee?,’ asked Jamie, feeling brave.

‘Well no, I’m already running late, but this is my number, call me – and stop following me.’

And with that Lexi headed off.

Lexi was pleased with how she’d handled it and Jamie seemed genuine enough. Not someone to be scared of. Lexi didn’t frighten easily. But clearly her cloak of invisibility was flawed.

This piece was accepted by the National Flash Fiction Competition held on the 6th June and posted on their website.

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