I Left Him

I left him in the time between his mother dying and her funeral

Which wasn’t the best of timing.

Especially given that

When I saw his mother,

Three weeks before she died,

And she asked us to look after each other

I’d agreed that we would.

But perhaps I was looking after him

By ending it,

As he found a new love

In a matter of weeks

Who became his wife,

And bore him two children.

When I saw his mother

She was yellow wrinkled skin and bones.

She thought she had jaundice

And would get better.

She actually had cancer of the liver

And was not going to recover.

Her husband, his dad, said don’t tell her,

She’ll give up hope.

But there was no hope

And no goodbyes

Because of the lie.

I disagreed with it profoundly

But respected his wishes.

And thought she knew, anyway.

It was her husband who couldn’t face the inevitable.

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