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How We Met 

We met in his bedroom. Yes, I know that’s a bit weird, but it was 1964 and I was eighteen. I was good friends with Chris, who was going out with Richard, who Rob was in a flat share with. A room share in a flat in fact. It was in Hedgegate Court in NottingContinue reading How We Met “

Food for Thought

When my 2nd chiropractor said, your bursitis won’t get better until you change your gold crowns, it was a bit too left field even for me, who believes a great deal in complementary medicine. She directed me to a website, where all kinds of miraculous cures had been achieved, after expensive dental treatment had beenContinue reading “Food for Thought”

Made in the Fens

We moved to the Fens in the February before my eighth birthday, away from my extended family, who all came from Essex. I am happy to be an Essex Girl, with their ridiculous reputation, but the years spent in the Fens were far more formative. This was fruit growing country, with huge fields, dykes andContinue reading “Made in the Fens”

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