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A Good Result

They kept their lights off as they guided their capsule down to earth and landed in the field of corn. They clambered out and set to work immediately. Getting the circles exactly right wasn’t easy, and they needed to work quickly and leave. The last thing they wanted was to be disturbed. They’d been sentContinue reading “A Good Result”

The Homeless Man

I sit in a huddle of blankets and rugs with my dog outside Sainsbury’s. I’m sheltered from the elements here. People rush by, avoiding looking at me. Even those who throw me a few coins don’t want to actually see me. Sitting here all day is a bit like a job. It’s how I earnContinue reading “The Homeless Man”

The Forest Shivered

It was already late afternoon, as Joanne and Charles ventured into the pine forest. They were on a wide sun-lit track, but on either side, the pines had been planted closely together and no sunlight penetrated the dense foliage. It wasn’t the most inviting walk, but they didn’t know the area well and thought theyContinue reading “The Forest Shivered”

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