Food for Thought

When my 2nd chiropractor said, your bursitis won’t get better until you change your gold crowns, it was a bit too left field even for me, who believes a great deal in complementary medicine.

She directed me to a website, where all kinds of miraculous cures had been achieved, after expensive dental treatment had been undergone.

According to my chiropractor, the gold crowns do or don’t, not sure which, conduct energy. This was the problem, apparently. I needed to get them replaced with, again I’m no longer quite sure what. While it was all food for thought, I left after that.

Well, I say I left, she kind of dismissed me, said I was wasting my money, as with those crowns in place, nothing was going to get better. She might have told me that before I’d been seeing her for the best part of year. And not getting better. Maybe, a smidgen of improvement for day or two after a treatment, but nothing that held. One time, I’d apparently undone her good work by walking on uneven ground. Who’d have known?

That was several years ago, and I am finally much, much, better. No miracle cure. Just regular exercise, explained to me in a language I could understand by a physiotherapist. I’ve kept it up and it’s worked. Now that is miraculous. I can walk far enough to maybe get a dog, now.

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